Refunding the price of a non-transferable season ticket within the South Moravian Region Integrated Public Transport System

A. IDS JMK non-transferable paper subscription tickets can be returned at the PJD store Novobranská 18, Brno.

B. Electronic non-transferable ticket subscriptions can only be returned at the DPMB Novobranská store or online at the BrnoID.cz e-shop

Passengers are not entitled to the refund of a fare for single-use tickets or multiple tickets or for transferable season tickets.

A refund is provided under the following terms and conditions:

  • the passenger presents a paper card and a coupon that is still valid at the time, which are original and unmistakably legible in the required data, the coupon must be issued by DPMB, a.s. and proves his identity with an official document, the identity data must be identical to the data on the ID card and coupon
  • passengers fill in the online request for a refund in their e-shop account BrnoID.cz
  • the passenger receives a refund according to the following formula:
X = C - S


  • X = the amount refunded to the passenger;
  • C = the price of the returned coupon
  • S - for one-month documents: S = C x P x 0.045, a minimum of CZK 100
  • S - for quarter-year documents: S = C x P x 0.015, a minimum of CZK 100
  • S - for one-year documents: S = C x P x 0.004, a minimum of CZK 100
  • P = the number of days of validity of the document to have passed, including the first day of validity of the document and the day on which the entitled person applied for the refund. For the electronical non-transferable prepaid cheapen ticket we’d need to add to the number of days of validity that have passed even the amount of days, when the ticket had assigned a special status and also the amount of days, for which there was no evidence of claim for the cheaper ticket.

The refunded amount is rounded down to whole CZK

In addition to the relevant provisions of the IDS JMK Contractual Conditions of Carriage, it is possible to return a non-transferable subscription ticket even for a person who, for serious reasons, cannot appear in person. In the case of such a substitute return, it is necessary to present the identity document of the applicant, the identity document of the holder of the non-transferable ticket and a valid ID together with the coupon in case of returning the paper ticket. The card and coupon must be original, unchanged and all data must be legible.