Ticket inspections

Passengers must have a valid ticket according to the Tariff when they board a vehicle, for the entire duration of travel and at the moment they get off the tram/bus etc. They must stamp (validate) their tickets in the machine as soon as they board the vehicle. After stamping, passengers must check that the information stamped on the ticket is correct and must speak to the driver as soon as possible if anything is incorrect.

If using an SMS ticket, passengers must already have a valid SMS ticket on their mobile device when they board. If a passenger does not receive an SMS ticket on his/her mobile device, he/she must buy a different travel ticket to be able to travel. Otherwise, the passenger will be considered to be travelling without a valid ticket. He/she may put in a claim for the undelivered SMS ticket.

Ticket inspections on local public transport according to Act No. 266/1994 Sb. on railways, as amended (the “Railways Act”), and Act No. 111/1994 Sb. on road traffic, as amended (the “Road Traffic Act”) are carried out by uniformed transport service employees or by persons authorised by the transport operator carrying an Inspector Badge. If you are in doubt as to the authority of the person inspecting your ticket, he/she will prove this authority by showing an Inspector ID Card, the number on which must be identical to the number on the Inspector Badge. This he/she must do on request.

These employees have the following powers in accordance with the Railways Act and the Road Traffic Act (and related regulations):

  • To give passengers instructions to ensure the safety and smoothness of travel;
  • To check whether passengers comply with the Contractual Terms and Conditions of Travel;
  • To make passengers who are in breach of the Contractual Terms and Conditions of Travel or who do not show a valid ticket for inspection pay the correct fare plus a surcharge;
  • If the passenger does not pay the surcharge on the fare and the fare in cash on-the-spot, to demand that the passenger prove his/her identity with proof of identity issued by the competent administrative authority (Section 18a(2) of the Railways Act, Section 37 of the Road Traffic Act). If the passenger fails to present proof of identity, the inspector is authorised to ask the passenger to remain in place until the police arrive and the passenger must cooperate;
  • To exclude persons from travelling who do not comply with the Contractual Terms and Conditions of Travel and persons who take forbidden items on to a vehicle;
  • To take reasonable action (according to Section 14 of Act No. 89/2012 Sb, the Civil Code, as amended – the “Civil Code”) against a passenger who refuses to pay the imposed fare and surcharge on the fare or who refuses to show proof of identity or who refuses to leave a vehicle after being excluded from travelling.
  • Inspector Badge and ID Card:

    Tariff for the South Moravian Region Integrated Public Transport System
    Contractual Terms and Conditions of Travel of the South Moravian Region Integrated Public Transport System
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    Terms and conditions of issuing ID Cards, their validity and use